featuring the private screenings of 

Okubo Nakamichi 

From a media production studio on the Japanese coast of Zushi, Japan, Okubo employs state of the art projection technologies against physical media including fabrics, natural objects, and heirlooms to produce handmade, holographic imagery.  Okubo refers to this method as dioramic photography.

The process begins with a hand-crafted screen composed of a variety of objects selected and positioned for their personal and spiritual significance as well as their refraction/reflection qualities when combined with lighting techniques and projection.  ​Okubo does not employ any form of software or photo manipulation methods other than filters for color and black and white exposures.

Universal symbols and patterns of order, peace, and harmony are incorporated within the selection of handmade and natural elements to create a truly global, progressive art form.   Subjects of interest often include notable and seemingly forgotten persons as well as landscapes which undergo a "re-exposure" through the process, in an effort to intensify their significance and visual impact.